Consistency of service, consistency of results.

We, or any investment manager, can never guarantee good results, despite what some might claim. Therefore, we prefer to focus on providing consistency across the mandates we manage, ensuring that every client gets treated like an individual but all benefit from the same rigorous investment process.

There is never one style or one way of investing which suits all markets and all stages of the economic cycle. We believe that a portfolio should be able to reflect what is currently influencing returns whilst recognising that the future is unknown and therefore balance in portfolio construction is crucial.

There are no restrictions in terms of fund selection and because of our size we can make decisions quickly and seek out smaller, more nimble, funds that are off limits to larger firms due to their minimum investment size criteria. In the past the ability to spot the next up and coming fund has helped provide returns in excess of the norm

We believe communication is a vital element in building up trust for the client and/or their adviser and a regular face to face meeting between the client and the Investment Manager is an important part of the process.




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