Client Types

UK – We manage investments for all types of accounts including ISAs, SIPPs, offshore bonds and investment companies

International – Being able to offer custody in a location which suits you. We have experience in managing global portfolios in multiple currencies including £, $ & €

US – We are able to offer US custody enabling us to provide investment services to people who are no longer residing in the USA but still need US brokerage facilities

Financial Planners – Working alongside your financial planner, we ensure that your investments are run in the most efficient way by sharing information between us

Account Types

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[fruitful_tab title="Discretionary"]

  • Through this service we will manage your portfolio for you on a discretionary basis. This means that we will periodically review your portfolio at agreed intervals, make decisions and take action about the composition of your investments and cash holdings, without prior reference to you.
  • You agree to keep us informed about material changes to your circumstances which may affect the suitability of our ongoing investment decisions. If in doubt you can speak to us at any time.
  • We will also establish a relevant benchmark based on your objectives, risk appetite and the assets that will be included in your portfolio, so that you can assess our performance.

[fruitful_tab title="Advisory"]

  • Through this management service, we will recommend an overall structure or investment sector allocation for your portfolio, and make proposals that we believe are suitable for you.
  • We will periodically review your portfolio at agreed intervals and provide you with a comprehensive valuation report on at least a half-yearly basis. However, we will not take any action without instructions from you. Instructions may be given by telephone, in writing or as otherwise agreed.

[fruitful_tab title="Execution only"]

  • Through this service we will carry out your specific instructions to carry out transactions without providing you with any advice or investment recommendation.
  • We may ask you about your knowledge and experience of dealing in investments so that we can determine whether or not you understand the risks involved with the transaction, but we will not consider whether the transaction is suitable for you.

[fruitful_tab title="Capital Access"]

  • Capital Access enables clients to manage their day-to-day cash and spending needs in a single account along with their investments.
  • Features include: unlimited check writing, Visa® Platinum debit card, access to more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs, online account access, online bill payment, overdraft protection, performance reporting.

[fruitful_tab title="Raymond James Loan Account"]

  • A loan product provided by  Raymond James in conjunction with Pershing Securities Limited (PSL) that offers you the opportunity to borrow against your General Investment Account (GIA) and Individual Savings Account (ISA) held at PSL. You can borrow money against eligible securities at competitive interest rates whilst continuing to trade your holdings, up to an established credit limit, provided that the required 65% Loan to Value ratio (LTV), which is the amount of the outstanding loan versus the amount of eligible securities held in your account, is maintained. The minimum portfolio size is £100,000.

Pershing Securities Limited is a member of the London Stock Exchange and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Loan Account FAQs