Every client is an individual and that is the way they are treated. We want clients to feel comfortable their investments are always being looked after with their own personal objectives in mind.

Here are some testimonials from clients who appreciate the extra level of service we can provide.

“Philip Howe has managed a significant portion of our funds over a period of 6 years, initially while he was connected to an IFA and since he became independent. His performance in respect of the all-important return on investment has been highly satisfactory, regularly outperforming recognised benchmarks such as the FTSE 100. His knowledge of the markets and the factors which drive them is exemplary, as is his ability to tailor make a portfolio to suit the individual needs and aspirations of his clients.”

Mr W, Sunderland

“I am extremely happy with his service and of course the results. Despite fluctuating markets, my portfolio has done very well. I would certainly recommend him.” 

Mrs H, Middlewich

“I have known Phil Howe since October 2011, I first met Phil when I was looking to change the source of my financial advice and visited UKWM in Macclesfield, Phil had just joined the company and I liked him immediately.

When Phil reviewed my portfolio investments he told me that I didn’t have to take such a high risk profile to achieve the results I wanted and he was spot on.

Phil also suggested I use a discretionary service where he managed my portfolio without requiring my written consent for every change made. I was initially very nervous about this arrangement and asked for information of any changes made in the first few months. There was no need, Phil quickly gained my complete confidence and very soon I preferred for him to get on with it and catch up at our quarterly reviews.

Phil has a broad knowledge of markets and how they affect each other. He is extremely conscientious regularly meeting with fund managers to ascertain their suitability for future investments and I know for certain that he’s unimpressed with whatever claims are made until he has researched them thoroughly.

Phil is calm and straightforward to deal with, he is not an IFA who wants to sell you the next big thing, so when he branched out on his own I was keen to join him as soon as I was able.

Meeting with Phil is always agreeable so if you’re looking for investment advice I suggest you have a chat with him as soon as possible, you won’t regret it.”

Mr M, Macclesfield